Runic Magic (Sunconure11)

I have been working on a system of rune-based magic using Botania Runes and Accidentally Circumstantial Events.

While it is far from finished, so far, I am working on the runes for the 7 sins. I will probably create 7 virtue runes later on, with their own effects.

To activate the runic magic system, one must left click a runic altar with the desired rune. The rune will be consumed in the process. Here are the runes, with their current effects:

Gluttony: Spawns a meal known as Beelzebub’s Feast, which while fills up the player quite a bit, it also has a chance of inflicting a large hunger debuff.

Greed: Spawns a pech.

Wrath: Inflicts deadly gaze on the player.

Sloth: Spawns a straw bed.

Pride: Inflicts fire resistance on the player.

Envy and Lust will be given effects later. The virtue runes will be created when the effects I want them to have are possible via Accidentally Circumstantial Events, since I want them to have radius based effects, as well as affect random players with various boons.

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