Something is odd with this world.  Strange cultists roam the land.  Food that once was nourishing, stops providing sustenance.  You have heard rumors of caves filled with terrifying creatures and all kinds of deadly traps.  Miners have told you of swarms of strange monsters that come from the very rock!  You yourself have witnessed creatures that are taller than the trees.  What could all this mean?

It is up to you to explore, conquer, and tame this world using only your wits along with tools and magic developed along the way. Multiple paths are available to you–each with their own strengths and weaknesses. Will you become a powerful mage? Mix science and magic in the school of Thaumaturgy? Attune yourself with the ways of nature and study witchcraft? Look inward and power your magic with your own life essence? Become a botanist and study the various flora? Learn all you can to be a Jack-of-all-Trades and dabble in everything? Or forgo it all, solely arming yourself with various powerful artifacts scattered throughout the land?

You find yourself at a crossroads.  With no money and only the clothes on your back, you wonder where you should go and what you should do…